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原标题:Your Lighting Design Moodboard: Winning Lighting Projects from A’ Design 2018 文末提供翻译


Trust us, the guys in the business of curating design content, to put together a pretty neat list of products to watch out for! This is the Lighting Design Showcase from the A’ Design Award and Competition 2018, the Italy-based, international design award program that spans virtually every design category, country, and doesn’t just award design, but creates an environment for the design to grow from a concept to a product, or from a product to a well-known, profitable project.

We look at the top Lighting Designs from last year, creating a compilation of what A’ Design’s stellar 211-member international jury panel is worthy of winning the A’ Design Award. While we’re at it, do check out what winning an Award does for your Design Career, and don’t forget to head down to the A’ Design Award and Competition page to register to submit your design entries for the Award. The last date of submission is the 28th of February 2019, and the awards will be announced here on YD on the 15th of April!

Register to participate in the A’ Design Awards now! Deadline: 28th February! __

A’ Design Award 2018 Lighting Moodboard 01. Jal Lamp by Mos Designed to look like a martini-esque hourglass with an ambient lightbulb in it, the JAL Lamp’s beauty arises from its simplicity and its ability to be whatever you want it to be. The glass comprises two conical containers in the hourglass shape, that can be used to store anything, making the lamp a rather versatile piece of decor (rather than ‘just another lamp’!). The bulb can be oriented either way, allowing you to use the lamp in any orientation that you’d like. A nice combination of simplicity, elegance, and a minimal beauty that one would associate with Scandinavian or Japanese design.



02. Buzao – Qie Pendant light by Pr Designers: Xu Gang, Peng Zeng Buzao – Qie’s immediate appeal comes from its contrasts. Not only does it create a color contrast with a black and gold combination (a classic, really), but it also contrasts material types and textures. On top, you’ve got a matte copper fixture with its golden metallic finish, and to contrast it with its imperfect-yet-incredible surface is black volcanic rock, resplendent with its cracks and bubble-holes. Within this volcanic rock lies the lamp that shines light on the volcanic rock’s imperfect surface. The rock brings sturdiness and insulation to the lamp too, protecting it in more ways than one. What a wonderful use of diametrically opposite materials!



03. Reverse Pickup Table Lamp by ADD Architectural Studio Reverse Pickup’s idea originally stems from vinyl discs and the concept of transmission of sound as the vinyl rotates on the all time classic Pickup. Originally made to dock a vinyl record, the designers replaced it with two translucent marble discs, creating an awe-inspiring light with a unique interaction. The circular marble pieces roll up and down the base of the lamp as an LED tape between them grows brighter or dimmer depending on the marble’s position. The result is a pretty nifty dimmer mechanism that powers a lamp that looks absolutely stunning with the way the light creeps through the translucent marble, creating a light that relies in part on nature, like the volcanic rock lamp above!



04. Guilin Environment Cleansing Lamp by Kevin Chu Kevin Chu’s Guilin lamp uses Photocatalytic coated acrylic “mountains” to connect nature to purity. The lamp’s base contains slots in which you can place etched acrylic mountain pieces. As soon as you dock these pieces in their slots, the etched pattern on the acrylic sheets scatter light, emitting an aura of light around the room. The mountains can be arranged in any way you see fit, and use photocatalytic oxidation to purify the air around you. Poetic!



05. Mi-30 Table Lamp by Raza Zahid Atelier Mi-30’s table lamp uses an old design trick called Gestalt’s law of visual continuity. You don’t just perceive the individual slats/sheets that comprise the lamp, but your mind ends up piecing together an entire picture. The Mi-30 uses that visual principle to create a series of amoebic forms that can captivate the eye with their abstractness, and light up the space too!



06. Martians Floor lamp by Igor Lobanov For its incredibly slim circular light-panel, and the tripod base that gives it an unusual look, the Martians floor lamps bag an A’ Design Award. The legs are individually angle-adjustable, allowing the lamp to practically pose, rather than stand erect. The light panel can be adjusted too, to face at a wall, directly downwards, or at a seating area.



07. Tutu Lighting Product by Hiroki Takada The Tutu borrows from the chaotic abundance of the Dahlia flower, replacing its multitude of petals with miniature lampshades that create volume while scattering light. Using a single source of light and dozens of folded pieces of synthetic Japanese paper, the Tutu comes to life as both a wall-light as well as a chandelier. Is it just me, or does the lamp look better in white than it would in any other color?



08. Knitted Unique Lighting Collection by Ariel Zuckerman A neat combination of textile and lighting, Ariel Zuckerman’s Knitted collection features orbs of light trapped within crocheted stockings. The combination of the two styles (knitting and lighting) create something that feels unique and inviting. The crocheted outer covers add color to the light, diffusing it too, to turn the orb’s brightness into a warm, scattered glow. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pushing them back and forth if I were anywhere near them!



09. Empress Wu Lamp by Davide Chiesa & Andrea Croci The Empress Wu lamp takes design inspiration from the formal design language of Ming furniture. It also is a hat-tip to centuries of moon-worship in China. The lamp itself isn’t as formal as you’d expect. It has a quirky character, and appears to have weight (with the way the bent wood drapes around the orb), but still manages to feel visually light. All in all, at the end of the day, it’s an orb-lamp, but it feels like more. Also, it vaguely resembles a woman’s face too. Probably a reference to Empress Wu.



10. Mozaik system Modulable Lamp by Davide Oppizzi Designed with a love for geometry as well as astronomy, Davide Oppizzi’s Mozaik is like a geometric interpretation of a meteor shower. Ultimately a modular light, the Mozaik can be used in a variety of ways. It can be applied independently as a singular lighting unit, or be used as a building block of sorts, in what can look like an absolutely stunning installation of geometric lighting.


mozaik_light_2 __ Register to participate in the A’ Design Awards now! Deadline: 28th February!

相信我们,在快三投注平台策划设计内容,把一个相当整洁的产品清单放在一起,要小心!这是来自2018年A’设计奖和竞赛的设计展示会,这是一个基于意大利的国际设计奖计划,几乎涵盖了每个设计类别、国 家,不仅授予设计奖,而且为设计创造了一个环境,使设计从一个概念发展为一个产品,或从一个产品发展为一个知名的、有利可图的产品。项目。我们查看了去年的顶级设计,创建了一个由211名“设计之星”成员组成的国际评审团值得赢得A设计奖的汇编。.当我们在这里的时候,一定要看看获奖对你的设计职业生涯有什么影响,不要忘了去A’设计奖和竞赛页面注册,提交你的设计作品。.最后提交日期为2019年2月28日,颁奖典礼将于4月15日在YD在此宣布!现在注册参加A’设计大奖!截止日期:2月28日!_ A’设计奖2018模块板01.由莫斯设计的JAL灯看起来像一个马提尼式沙漏,里面有一个环境灯泡,JAL灯的美丽来自它的简单和它的能力,无论你想要它是什么。.玻璃由两个沙漏形状的圆锥形容器组成,可以用来储存任何东西,使灯成为一个多功能的装饰件(而不是“仅仅是另一盏灯”!).灯泡的方向可以是任何一种,允许你使用任何方向的灯,你想。.简单、优雅和极简美的完美结合,可以与斯堪的纳维亚或日本的设计联系在一起。02.公共关系设计师徐刚、彭增增增增增不早的布灶——布灶的魅力来自于它的对比。.它不仅能与黑色和金色组合(真的是经典)形成对比,而且还能与材质类型和纹理形成对比.在顶部,你有一个哑光铜夹具,其金色金属表面,并与它的不完美但令人难以置信的表面是黑色火山岩,其裂纹和气泡孔辉煌。.在这片火山岩中,有一盏灯亮了火山岩不完美的表面。.石头也给灯带来了坚固和绝缘性,用多种方式保护它。.完全相反的材料有多好的用途啊!03.通过添加建筑工作室反向拾取的反向拾取台灯最初源于乙烯基光盘和随着乙烯基在所有经典拾取上旋转而传输声音的概念。.最初是为了固定一张乙烯基唱片而作的,设计师们用两张半透的大理石唱片代替了它,创造出一种令人敬畏的光,这种光具有独特的相互作用。.圆形大理石片在灯的底部上下滚动,在它们之间的LED带根据大理石的位置而变亮或变暗。.其结果是一个相当漂亮的调光机,它为一盏看起来绝对令人惊叹的灯提供动力,使光线穿过半透的大理石,创造出一种部分依赖自然的光,就像上面的火山岩灯一样!04.桂林环境净化灯由朱凯文朱的桂林灯使用光催化涂层丙烯酸“山”连自然和纯净。.灯的底座上有插槽,可以放置蚀刻过的亚克力山片。.一旦你把这些碎片放进槽中,亚克力板上的蚀刻图案就会散射光线,在房间周围散发出一种光的氛围。.山可以以任何你认为合适的方式排列,并使用光催化氧化净化你周围的空气。.诗意!05.Mi-30台灯由Raza Zahid工作室设计,Mi-30台灯采用了一种古老的设计手法,叫做格式塔视觉连续性定律。.你不仅能感觉到构成灯的各个板条/床单,而且你的大脑最终会拼凑出一幅完整的画面。.Mi-30利用视觉原理创造了一系列的阿米巴形态,以其抽象性吸引了眼球,也亮了空间!06.火星人的落地灯由伊戈尔·洛巴诺夫(igor lobanov)设计,其难以置信的纤细的圆形灯面板和三脚架底座使它看起来与众不同,火星人的落地灯包获得了“设计奖”。.腿的角度可以单独调节,使灯实际上可以摆姿势,而不是直立。.也可以调整灯面板,使其朝向墙壁、直向下或座椅区域。07.图图族的高田弘子(Hiroki Takada)的图图族产品借鉴了大丽花(Dahlia)杂乱无章的丰富花朵,用微型灯罩取代了其众多的花瓣,在散射光线的同时创造出体积。.使用单一的光源和几十张折叠的日本合成纸,图图族既可以作为壁灯,也可以作为枝形吊灯出现。.是只有我一个人,还是这盏灯的白色比其他任何颜色都好看?08.阿里尔·扎克曼(Ariel Zuckerman)独特的针织系列,织物和的巧妙结合,阿里尔·扎克曼(Ariel Zuckerman)的针织系列的特点是编织长筒袜中的光球。.这两种风格(针织和)的结合创造了一种独特而诱人的感觉。.用钩针编织的外罩为光线增添了色彩,也使光线漫射开来,使球体的亮度变成一种温暖的散射光。.我不知道你的情况,但如果>我kao近他们的话,我会前后推他们!09.戴维德·切萨和安德里亚·克罗齐的《吴后灯》从朝家具的形式设计语言中汲取设计灵感。.它也是中国几百年来月亮崇拜的一个帽子提示。.这盏灯本身并不像你想象的那么正式.它有一个古怪的特征,看起来很有重量(就像弯曲的木头环绕球体的方式),但仍然能感觉到视觉上的轻。.总而言之,在一天结束的时候,它是一盏ORB灯,但感觉更像是.而且,它也隐约像一个女人的脸.可能是指武则天。.戴维德·奥皮兹设计的莫扎克系统模块化灯具有对几何学和天文学的热爱,戴维德·奥皮兹的莫扎克就像是对流星雨的几何解释。.最终,一个模块化的灯,莫扎克可以用多种方式.它可以作为一个单独的单元单独应用,也可以作为一个建筑模块,看起来像是一个绝对惊人的几何装置。._现在注册参加A’设计大奖!截止日期:2月28日!






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